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Description based on Zebra Datepicker 1.9.4

This is port of Zebra_Datepicker in .NET as WebControl
main js file of default zebra date picker changed and add one property: calendar

Zebra_Datepicker is a small, compact and highly configurable date picker jQuery plugin, meant to enrich forms by adding the date picker functionality to them. This jQuery plugin will automatically add a calendar icon to the indicated input fields which, when clicked, will open the attached date picker. Users can easily jump between months and years due to the date picker intuitive interface. The selected date will be entered in the input field using the date format of choice, configurable in the date picker options.

Using in other Calendar like Persian Calendar:
this is modified version of Zebra Date picker that has one more property : calendar
if you want to see Persian calendar in your page you need to include
"calendar.js" that implement all default JavaScript Date property
it bases codes from by John Walker
that can convert Date from or to Persian Calendar

you can implement your one calendar object and pass to calendar object for example: Korean, Chinese or other calendars

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